Bisbee AZ

Bisbee was a wonderful little place, and if we get time to go back while we are in Arizona – we most certainly will.  I loved walking around town and through the shops filled with antiques, art, and little treasures.  Bisbee just has a feel about it.  You must go there to truly understand.

We stayed at the Queen Mine RV Park.  It’s up on a mountain looking over town on one side and the big mine pit on the other.  It has beautiful views, a quiet place to stay, it allows pets and has a small walking area for them and has immaculate facilities.  Louise, the lady in charge for the season, was also really sweet and that topped off our stay.

James and I are all about food, so we visited a lot of restaurants while we stayed there.  Plus, who wants to use up all of their propane at one park? 🙂  We tried Santiago’s, which is a Mexican restaurant.  I had a platter of a stuffed chile (which I didn’t like but I don’t like peppers really — go figure?), tacos, and enchiladas.  The rest was really yummy!  So were the chips and salsa you get as you sit down to wait for your meals.  James had fajitas and ate so much he went home with a stomach ache.

The next day we tried lunch at the Bisbee Grille.  The people there were really friendly and offered to let Valentine crawl around on the floor and to “take up the whole side” of the restaurant for her if we wished.  We did and she loved getting down to play after being in the Ergo walking around town for so long.  We had their burgers and beer batter fries which I was very pleased with both.  The fries were really good and crispy on the outside.  Yum!

For a healthier choice, we went to High Desert Market and Cafe for fresh juice.  We just tried their specials of the day which was a veggie and then a beet and apple one.  I’m glad I got the one with apple since beets seem to be a bit much for me yet.  They are so ‘earthy’ tasting.  Haha!  They have a nice seating area outside, so again we sat somewhere where Valentine could get down and crawl and mosey safely without bothering anyone.  They also have smoothies, coffees, and sandwiches.

Speaking of coffees, I’m a sucker for such things. 🙂  So we went to the Bisbee Coffee Company a couple times.  In the evening, we caught live music by Dylan Charles.  We sat around and sipped a mocha latte, played on the iPhone, and let Val take it all in.  We stopped their quickly another day for a mocha Cold Miner’s and a pumpkin spice latte and enjoyed them on our walk back to the rv.  Dare I say better than Starbucks? 🙂

If espresso is your thing, watch for the free espresso in the alley.  Nice folks, free espresso, need I say more?

Since we had the rv and could store and cook food during our stay, we visited the co-op a few times.  They have a great selection of organic foods, produce, bulk bins, homeopathics, vitamins, etc.  Even though we are outside of Bisbee now, we will visit them often for our groceries since it’ll save us trips to Tuscon to go to Whole Foods so often.

Besides foods and drinks there are many things to do in the town.  There are many art galleries, antique stores, and little shops to wander through.  There is a mine tour, which we didn’t take surprisingly since it was literally right next door to the RV park.  We did go to the mining museum, which was really fascinating.  There are great displays, a play area for little ones, and a knowledgeable worker who will answer any questions.  The coolest part was that the mining area was extended by Michigan miners who moved there for work.

Outside of the museum is a grassy plaza where I walked Val so she could play and there just so happened to be people playing music one of those times.  So we listened to guitar and Irish drum music, Val crawled around the lawn, and we were sure to leave some money in the guitar box before walking back.

The Angry Vegan family loved Bisbee!  You should visit it too someday!


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  1. tourcochisecounty Said:

    This is a great little travelogue of Bisbee. Nice photos!

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