Bisbee 1000

I was looking for an excuse to get back to Bisbee – to walk around town, grab some coffee at the Bisbee Coffee Company, and buy some organic food from the co-op.  Even if it meant me walking part of the Bisbee 1000 Stairclimb wearing an 8 month old baby girl while I did it.

There were so many people at the race.  I was surprised that we even found a place to park in the little town.  This was only a small portion of the group of people who started the Bisbee 1000 – the 5k that feels like a 10k and goes up 1000 stairs.

James ran the race, but I walked.  As I did, I caught a few pictures of neat things.  The first was this VW – my dream car.  I have a new bug, but poor Sunny is parked in my garage in MI while we are on our trip in AZ.

I also saw the peace wall, which I hadn’t noticed as drove around the city before.  How cool is this?!

The walk went for quite awhile before seeing stairs.  I didn’t realize that there would be a wait to go up, but it was a nice break.  Many people talked to me about Valentine and me carrying her, and as we went up we got to listen to music by locals.

I made it up another 2 sets of stairs after this, and then Valentine was getting fussy so we walked to the finish to try and find James.  I didn’t see him so we walked back down town to the park and then to Bisbee Coffee Company to get a mocha Cold Miner’s coffee.  James found us outside of the coffee shop and he had finished the whole race already.

We walked back to the finish because he had found some cool merchandise for sale – race shirts and bandanas.  But I think he had other things on his mind – like doing the ICEMAN COMEPTITION.  This was a race up a *huge* flight of stairs carrying a block of dry ice with big tong-like things.  He raced then we sat and waited for results while Val nursed and napped.

With a time of 25.93, James placed 3rd in the Iceman Competition!  He won $50!

Not only was the event lovely because James won, and I got to spend time in Bisbee, but it was great because of how it was put together.  There was support along the route with musicians, the store keepers lined the streets cheering, it was organized, well publicized, and the amount of things they gave away was amazing.  Thank you Bisbee, once again for a grand time in your town!


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  1. For more photos, look here at the official site’s slideshow!

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