Day trip to Tucson, Arizona

Yesterday, we packed up and took the day to go to Tucson.  Our first stop was Thai China Siam on Oracle Road.  It was a little out of the way from the rest of the day events, but it was SO worth it.  It’s a small little diner, so don’t let that disuade you.  The staff was wonderful, the food was hot (fresh), and it was delicious.  Each Thai lunch was served with an egg roll and soup or salad.  We also ordered Chinese crab puffs (crab rangoons), which we ordered extras of for the road. 🙂

We made a quick stop at Pedata RV just to look at some Diesel Class A’s.  If we are going to do this full-time.. or even for an extended period of time a bigger rig would be nicer.  A slide out would be amazing as would an on-board washer and dryer.  But again, we are only looking.

We got a text from a friend to check out N 4th Ave., so we skipped Whole Foods and went there instead.  The Food Conspiracy co-op was great!  Lots of fresh produce and bulk bins.  Afterwards, we went to the Hippie Gypsy and Antigone Books to look around.  More time (and a patient DH) would’ve been nice to stroll the street more. 🙂

Tucson is groovy – who would’ve thought??!!


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