RV’ing in Sedona, AZ

This past weekend we spent in Sedona, AZ, and although the weather was a little chilly, it was a pretty grand weekend.

We finalized packing and headed out in the RV on Friday, and after a full day’s drive we arrived at our campground – Rancho Sedona around dusk.  We got our rv hooked up, took a walk down by Oak Creek that runs through the campground and went into town for supper.

We ate at The Chocolatree, which is an organic, vegan, and mostly raw cafe.  It was so nice to sit with Valentine and share my meal with her.  I had the Thai spring rolls and raw platter.  The raw platter was better and Val had her first experience with raw crackers, which she loved.  James had the raw burritos that he really enjoyed (they looked really yummy).  We took home dessert too – who can pass up raw pie and ganache?  Not I!

We were all in bed quite early (after James helped our neighbor with a fuse around 10:30 because we were preparing for the Sedona 5K.  I was up by 6am and into my running clothes soon after.  The rest of the family awoke in time for breakfast and a change of clothes and then we were off to the races.

I had planned on pushing Val in the stroller but the tire was flat, so after much deliberation James walked the whole 5K with her in the Ergo and her falling asleep to his many steps over 3 miles.  I ran (ran/walked) and was proud of my time even though no speed records were broken.  It felt good to cross the line, breathing hard, and to go home with a medal and new shirt. 🙂  The race was a great course, had beautiful scenery of the red rocks, and was well-manned for it’s many participants.

On our way back to the campground, I mentioned a coffee would be great since it was so cold outside.  We didn’t have either of our wallets or any cash, so we went back to the rv.  The neighbor, who James helped the night before, offered us mochaccinos.

Thank you, Universe! 🙂  Later we had fresh juice with them, and (after my mentioning I needed a sweatshirt to James) the lady gave me a fleece that fit perfectly.  We had a lovely talk and then went about our way to the Airport Vortex.

It was breathtakingly beautiful.  I thought it was more amazing than the Grand Canyon.  I remember just saying, “Wow!”  And actually feeling like “Wow!”  Amazing!  Let the pictures speak for themselves.

Later that day, we stopped back in at the Chocolatree for some smoothies (Orange Julius and Hawaain).  It really hit the spot and it was a great family treat.  Afterwards, we went to my massage with Jyoti at Massage Sedona.  It was only 30 minutes, but it was glorious and much needed.  I haven’t pampered myself like that since before Valentine was born.  If you visit Sedona, you should see her.  She’s a great spirit and does energy work, massage, and readings from her home studio.

Our last stop of the weekend was D’Lish.  I was expecting a really fancy place inside, but it was a cute cafe.  Fine by my standards, of course.  I had the Rawsome platter, which was huge and I couldn’t finish, but was fab.  James had veggies nachos upon request, and we took home chocolate, vegan cake for dessert.  That was d’lish (get it?  Haha)!

We woke up our last morning, to a mix of snow, ice, and rain.  Poor James had to hook up the van and everything in it, but by the time we left the roads were just wet and fine.  The fog around the red rock mountains was a sight though.  Such a beautiful area!

We wished we could’ve stayed to explore more, but we were not feeling the rv this trip and were ready to get back to our rental house.  That’s another post….

Until then, Angry Vegan — out! 🙂


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  1. Liz (@SedonaVacation) Said:

    So glad to see your pics and hear about your trip. Valentine is Beautiful. So happy that you tried Chocolatree and D’lish, they are two of our favorites. Sorry the weather wasn’t nicer for you but it just means that you will have to come back! Congrats on finishing the 5k!
    Take care,

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