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A giveaway to share!

Do you remember Sara who put in my dreads?!

Well, she is having a giveaway on her personal blog!  Don’t miss it! 🙂

Dreads from Sara

I promised that I would share pictures from Sara when she had time along her busy travels to edit and post to her blog, so here you go!

Making the dreads

Ta-Da!  Dreadhead!

Courtesy of Sara

If you’d like to book a dreading sessions when she’s near by, visit the Happy Janssens.  Or if you’d like to schedule a photography session with her, visit her at her photography site.

She shared her time with us on her blog as well, so be sure to take a peek over there to read about Making Dreads and visiting The Tree of Life.

WSLW Giveaway

One of my favorite bloggers, Sara, who is on the road full-time now with her family is having an awesome giveaway.  Helloooo beautiful, handmade, organic clothes!!

Be sure to check it out here.