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Dreads from Sara

I promised that I would share pictures from Sara when she had time along her busy travels to edit and post to her blog, so here you go!

Making the dreads

Ta-Da!  Dreadhead!

Courtesy of Sara

If you’d like to book a dreading sessions when she’s near by, visit the Happy Janssens.  Or if you’d like to schedule a photography session with her, visit her at her photography site.

She shared her time with us on her blog as well, so be sure to take a peek over there to read about Making Dreads and visiting The Tree of Life.

Tree of Life with the Happy Janssens!

My family was blessed this week by the Happy Janssens coming to visit us here in Arizona.  They were passing nearby on their way through to Texas, and Sara offered to put dreads in my hair.  Yay!  {It was like having a celebrity to visit since I have followed her blogs for so long!}

When they arrived, it was like I knew them already (the internet really is a wonderful way to make friendships).  There was no small talk – just jump right into regular conversations.  I made a buffet style dinner, and then the dread action began.  Honestly, it didn’t take very long to do even with nursing breaks and hubbies coming and going.  Somehow I managed to neglect picture taking that night.  I am sure Sara will have photos on her site really soon.

On Thursday, we all packed into our minivan and headed to Patagonia, AZ to eat lunch at the Tree of Life Cafe.

What an awesome place to be, especially on the sunshiney day that we had to experience eating in the raw – outside and living foods.  The food there was on a buffet with loads of greens, raw dressings, a yummy kale salad, raw ravioli-like entree, raw spaghetti, raw granola with cinnamon apples, sweet potatoes that were just like Thanksgiving… oh I could go on and on.  Just believe me that it was worth the $25 to enjoy a meal in this way.

Afterwards, we walked around the grounds for a little while getting video of the area and the kiddos and snapping shots of each others families and just enjoying our time outside.  Our tummies were full, our hearts were happy, and we were just soakin’ in the rays.

The time with the Janssen family was one that I will remember for a long time to come.  After all that blog reading and looking up to Sara as a mother, wife, and steward of the Earth – she is as REAL as she portrays herself.  Although, I was sad to say good-bye after such a short visit, I am thankful that I was able to spend those precious moments with them that I did.

Be sure to visit the Happy Janssens and follow them along their travels as they motor around in their Veggie Powered RV!